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A Listing of the Forges and Furnaces of South Jersey

The following is a list of iron forges and furnaces located in Southern New Jersey prior to the 20th Century. Most of this list came from the excellent book “Early Forges and Furnaces of New Jersey” by Charles Boyer, and was checked against “Place Names of Ocean County” by Vivian Zinkin. I make no claim that this is an exhaustive list of every iron operation in Monmouth, Ocean, Burlington, Atlantic, and Gloucester Counties. If you spot an error or have additional information to share, please feel free to email me.

Iron Furnaces often changed names when ownership changed. I have attempted to include all of the names that each operation was known as. Additionally, I have attempted to list the major spelling variants that places often had. The county column signifies what county the works would have been located in today, since Ocean County did not exist until 1850. Finally, I have designated whether or not the works were a forge or furnace. In several cases the iron works consisted of both a furnace and a forge, and are duly noted as such.

Place Name County Type
Atsion Iron Works Burlington Forge
Batsto Furnace Burlington Furnace
Birmingham, or Retreat Forge Burlington Forge
Black’s Creek, or Bordentown Forge Burlington Forge
Budd’s Iron Works, or Cumberland Furnace Cumberland Furnace
Butcher’s Forge, or Burr’s Forge Ocean Forge
Cohansie Iron Works Cumberland Forge
Concord Forge Atlantic Forge
Cumberland, or Upper, or Defiance Forge Cumberland Forge
David Wrights, or Federal Forge and Furnace, or Dover or Manchester Furnace Ocean Furnace
Dover Forge Ocean Forge
Etna, or Aetna Furnace and Forge Burlington Forge & Furnace
Etna Furnace Atlantic Furnace
Ferrago, or Bamber Forge Ocean Forge
Gloucester Furnace Atlantic Furnace
Hampton Furnace Burlington Furnace & Forge
Hanover Furnace Burlington Furnace
Imlaystown Bloomery Monmouth Forge
Lisbon, or New Lisbon Forge Burlington Forge
Lower, or Martha or Phoenix Forge Ocean Forge
Martha Furnace Burlington Furnace
Mary Ann Forge Ocean Forge
Millville Furnace & Foundry Cumberland Furnace & Forge
Monmouth Furnace, or Williamsburg Forge, or Howell Iron Works, or Allaire Iron Works Monmouth Furnace
Monroe, or Walkers Forge Atlantic Forge
Mount Holly Iron Works Burlington Furnace & Forge
New Mills, or Pemberton Forge Burlington Forge
Shrewsbury, or Monmouth, or Tinton Falls Iron Works Monmouth Furnace
Speedwell Furnace Burlington Furnace
Taunton, or Tanton, or Tintern Furnace and Forge Burlington Furnace & Forge
Union Works or Union Forge Burlington Forge
Wading River Forge Burlington Forge
Washington Furnace, or Bergen Iron Works Burlington Furnace
Westecunk, or West Creek, or Stafford Forge Ocean Forge
Weymouth Furnace Atlantic Furnace